Teachers' Resource Centre

Our Teachers’ Resource Centre is a space for teachers to meet, look at and discuss materials for teaching. Teachers use the Centre to continue their own learning and professional development.


Benefits in becoming a member of the Resource Centre include:

  • An initial diagnosis of language development needs followed by advice on books, on-line resources and products that support the improvement of English language skills
  • On-site use of reference books, magazines, periodicals and English learning materials including CDs and DVDs
  • Help with lesson planning and the creation of teaching materials
  • The opportunity to meet with other teachers and share ideas
  • Workshops to improve your English
  • Free access to the internet for up to one hour to look at teaching and learning websites and access professional chat rooms


Membership fee

There are two categories of membership:

  • Annual – 300 Tk
  • Lifetime – 600 Tk


Become a member of our Resource Centre

Simply complete an application form, which can be collected from the UKBET office or printed out from this website. Bring this form along with a recent passport sized photograph and the membership fee.