UKBET at Global NRB Business Convention 2017

UKBET at Global NRB Business Convention 2017

May we invite you to visit our stall at NRB GLOBAL BUSINESS CONVENTION 2017 , Abul Mal Abul Muhit Sports Complex, Uposhohor Point, Sylhet. Starting from : Saturday, 21 October, 2017. Contact : 01707303656


UKBET opens the door of its fifth centre for working children 

“I went school up to standard two as my mother think it is more important for me to learn working at workshop rather than going to school. Now I come to work at 9 o’clock in the morning and go back home at 9 o’clock at evening. I have almost forgotten what I learnt in school. ” - said Maruf (12) who works in Three wheelers repairing workshop at Tuker Bazar area of Sylhet Sadar. As per a recent survey conducted by UKBET, around 150 children are engaged in Government declared hazardous works at that area.

UKBET opens the door of its fifth center for working children at Tuker Bazar by providing education material to the working children. A colorful rally marched the Tuker Bazar area after the inauguration program. The children like Maruf who are engaged at identified hazardous works of workshops, factories in this area will be able get formal and non-formal education, basic health services, safety equipment, entertainment and many other services from this centre. UKBET will also continue advocacy with the employer to ensure conducive work environment .The related support and training will be provided to the employer. The advocacy will be done with the parents for not sending their children to work .The necessary support will be provided to the children for their going back to school or vocational training.

This is the 5th centre of this type under the working children project of UKBET. More than 300 children have been taken under the project so far. Gradually the project will be expanded to other areas of Sylhet where children are engaged in hazardous works.




ICELT course at UKBET 

UKBET, in partnership with St. Giles Educational Trust, UK, has recently organized ICELT Module-2 course for the teachers of English. Seven teachers from different schools of Sylhet has participated in the second and final block of the course facilitated by Mike William - Head of Teacher Training, St. Giles Educational Trust, UK and Natalia Belousova - Teacher trainer of the same organization. Simon Cox from Cambridge English did the moderation of the final block. The certificates from Cambridge were handed over to the candidates who have successfully completed ICELT Module 1 in a Certificate awarding ceremony organized at UKBET. The certificates of participation were handed over to the teacher who participated in TKT preparation course at UKBET.
ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching) is a Cambridge award for practicing teachers of English, which aims to deepen and develop candidates' teaching knowledge and expertise. “Teaching” and “Methodology” are the two components of ICELT Module-2 while ICELT Module- 1 concentrates on “Language for the Teachers”. Previously, Module-1 was organized for two batches of teachers.


UKBET British Council book reading programme 

Prize giving ceremony of Book Reading Competition held in Sylhet
The British Council and UK Bangladesh Education Trust (UKBET) jointly hosted the prize giving ceremony of Reading Programme on 1 February 2017 at Hotel Star Pacific, Sylhet.
Around 3300 students from 27 schools in Sylhet participated in the programme this year. Out of 3300 students, 2160 students were given certificates and awards.
The top three best book readers were selected from each school and awarded a special prize. Among 3300 participants Jaber Ahmed from Azad Chowdhury Academy, Mashiat Rashid from The SylhetKhajanchibari International School & College and Dewan Sanjida Raja Raisa from British Bangladesh International School & College were chosen as best readers. They were awarded a laptop.
Professor Dr. Md. Aminul Haque Bhuyan, Vice Chancellor of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology joined the ceremony as the Chief Guest. He appreciated the British Council and UKBET for initiating such programme. Mohammed Asaduzzaman Sayem, Executive Director of UKBET was present at the prize giving ceremony along with Jim Scarth, Deputy Director and British Council, Sarwat Reza, Library Manager, British Council. The principals, teachers, students and guardians from 50 schools in Sylhet were present at the ceremony.
The schools who are interested to take part in the Book Reading Program 2017 are invited to contact UKBET at 0821723089.

Dated- 02 February, 2017


UKBET's medical camp for working children 

A recent study of UKBET in partnership with Social work department –Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology says that 82% of the working children take medical treatment of their illness from unqualified local medicine shops.


UKBET has arranged basic medical services for the working children of its project area. Now these children can get free medical services from nearby private hospital or from the weekly medical camp at UKBET CENTER FOR WORKING CHILDREN at Noyagaon and Uposhohor point Sylhet.